“I found her terribly engaging. Very smart. One of the best performers I have encountered over years of lining up entertainment for conventions and business meetings.”

Ed Rensi, CEO – McDonald’s (1991-2005) 

Workshop & Talk

This talk and hands-on magic workshop explores the process that acclaimed

magician and artist Jeanette Andrews utilizes to bring seemingly impossible to life

and how to translate those types of problem-solving to a

wide variety of industries and disciplines.

Prior presentations include:

The Smithsonian‘s National Design Museum Cooper Hewitt, and Chicago Ideas Week

What can illusion teach us about perception and reality? This hybrid performance/talk delves into the visual, psychological, and philosophical tipping points that create successful illusions and what this teaches us about human perception. How can we apply these concepts to other aspects of life, business, and connecting us to each other? 


Offer attendees fresh insights into the inner workings of the human mind, as the presentation discuses what goes into creating a successful illusion and how we can integrate these ideas into our daily experiences. These topics include:

• Perceptual assumptions and twisting these expectations for a desired effect

• Manipulating anticipation and timing

• Utilizing elements of surprise to create dramatic results

Selected Speaking Engagements:

- University of Pittsburgh

- Science of Magic Association Conference

- Cusp Conference

- Cognitive Science of Magic, Carthage College

- IL Science Council

- Awesome Summit

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Background images: Saverio Truglia, David Linsell & Michael Sullivan