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“I found her terribly ENGAGING. VERY SMART. One of the BEST PERFORMERS I have encountered over years of lining up entertainment for conventions and business meetings.”

Ed Rensi - McDonald’s CEO  (1991-2005) 


Selected National Clients Including:


​“EVERYONE commented on how amazing you are. Besides your tricks that everyone loved, everyone commented on how

warm and inviting  [you are and how you] make everyone feel. You really have a talent and are an

amazing person besides being superb at your craft.”  – Don McClelland, Chicagoland Speedway

Amidst a swirl of other activity, time stands still as a young woman presents an enchanting performance for a small group of guests, with elegant illusions unfolding in guests' own hands...


Break the Ice:

a moment of magic sparks conversation for guests meeting each other for the first time.


Customized Magic:

attendees watch as magical, personalized mementos are created that they retain a keepsake of an already unforgettable day


Personal Attention:

guests receive one-on-one attention and interaction; an ideal extension of host's hospitality.

We work with individuals and corporations to create the perfect performance for your event. 

Ideal for: Special Events, Dinner Parties, Banquets, Weddings, Galas & Cocktail Hours.


Hailed as one of the most innovative illusionists today, Jeanette Andrews is a contemporary magician and artist who specializes in creating interactive sensory illusions, possessing a contemplative take on the art of the impossible. She has presented performances for private evens for Fortune 500 companies and social occasions including Infiniti, Kraft, Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Andrews presented her first magic show when she was four-years-old and began performing professionally at the age of six. Being a magician is the only vocation that she has ever had. she has performed for thousands live and countless others on television. Andrews uses sensory anomalies, art and scientific anecdotes to create luxurious experiences that bridge everyday life to a special, heightened world. She was recently named an Affiliate of Harvard’s metaLAB and loves creating experiences for audiences to engage with the impossible in fun, insightful, generous ways. 

Her dedication to her art never wavered and as a full-time performer and her performances have been praised by the Chicago Tribune, PBS and the New York Times.