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want to get a demo of the vibe? 

want to get a demo of the vibe? 

Birmingham Museum of Art

Jeanette Andrews

Magician, artist, speaker.

Jeanette Andrews is hailed as one of the most innovative illusionists in the world today and has staged hundreds of sold-out and standing-room-only performances for Fortune 500 companies, theaters and universities across the United States, including Infiniti, Kraft, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Lyric Opera & Chicago Ideas Week.


Andrews has combined her specialized technical training in magic with contemporary art practice, psychology and science to become internationally recognized as a pioneer in her field. She uses sensory anomalies, art and scientific anecdotes to create luxurious magic performances that bridge everyday life to a special, heightened world. 


Andrews has presented commissioned and site-specific works for The Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt, the International Museum of Surgical Science, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. She is a prior artist in residence for High Concept Labs and The Institute for Art and Olfaction.


Illusion is Ms. Andrews’ life’s work and her performances have been praised by the Chicago Tribune, PBS and The New York Times. 


the experience

solve problems, like a magician...

Through her years of researching magic history,  magician and speaker Jeanette Andrews has developed specific magical methods for utilizing existing tools and strategies in unusual ways. Learn how to translate this nonlinear problem solving style to your discipline. Andrews teaches a magic effect based on Gestalt psychology and contemporary neuroscience that discusses how perceptual assumptions can help to create a desired effect. The presentation discusses what goes into creating a successful illusion and how perceptual assumptions can help to create a desired effect. Connect your team via a fun, shared experience, while learning valuable techniques for crafting perceptions and disrupting expectations.

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workshop reviews

This is fantastic! Your presentation is polished and delightful, as always!

- Adriennce Karlovitz, workshop booker



I really enjoyed your performance and presentation.... we heard continuous rave reviews about attendee experiences.


Chicago Ideas Week Labs Coordinator, Madeline Stanton 


It was a wonderful presentation. I took a bunch of notes (especially found the academic work you mentioned interesting/relevant to what we do). 


Your workshop was excellent.


- Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt attendee reviews

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Previous presenter's of Jeanette's talks and performances include: